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Vanessa Kane-Alves, RDN, LDN
1101 Beacon Street, 4W, Suite 6
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1101 Beacon Street Suite 4W
Brookline, MA 02446

This site is a hope-filled guide for you brave souls on your own journey or as a witness to another's journey to eating disorder nutrition recovery and prevention. It is also a place for those of you who are relearning how to care for yourself and/or your family with food to find tools and inspiration to keep going. Vanessa Kane-Alves is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist who provides nutrition counseling services for adults and children with a nutrition related medical or mental health concern. She offers mentoring and teaching to dietitians interested in this practice area of nutrition.


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The Work

What It's like to work with an RDN like me

Patients and Families

Vanessa was a beacon of light throughout my recovery journey. She grabbed hold of my moments of determination and during my weakest times, reminded me of the reason I was choosing not to engage in my eating disorder. I was working to build a meaningful and full life. Her gentle compassion was always balanced with complete honesty, keeping me accountable for eating three meals and snacks (and assuring me that it was never okay to skip dinner, regardless of what my eating disorder brain was telling me). She challenged me to try new foods and seek new coping strategies, offering both nutritional and personal development counseling. I have been in “recovery” (with a few slips) for the past four years. Looking back, I see how much fuller my life has become. Although I now must face the “normal” challenges of finding purpose and meaning, in my toughest moments, I hear Vanessa’s voice praising me - I am working to build my life.
— Anonymous
Before seeking nutritional support, I was referred to as the “healthy” one, the one who could be the dietitian. Through meeting with Vanessa, I learned how to value my body’s needs, handle the thoughts that came up regarding food, and trust my body’s inner cues. Vanessa taught me which food combinations were going to fuel me and how my previous nutritional intake wasn’t supporting my optimal health. The greatest takeaway from meeting with Vanessa was the powerful message that my body knows what it needs, and if I listen closely, I can feed it properly. Through the use of mindfulness and intuitive eating strategies, I learned to forget my food rules and actually live a little, which was freeing and empowering. Recovery would not have been as liberating if it wasn’t for having Vanessa as my dietitian on my team. I am forever thankful.
— AT
I know what I need to do. I just need to follow the “diet”.  I have said that over and over again to myself, then blamed myself and shamed myself for not losing weight, or eating the “right” things.  Then there was the dreaded conversation with the Doctor.  She said, surgery or nutritional counselor.  I’ll take door number 2.   She (the nutritional counselor) is going to give me a “diet” plan and I’ll be fixed!!  Off to see Vanessa!  My first visit I was ready for the magic plan!  Vanessa asked questions to get to know me.  I discovered that I didn’t trust myself.  I never understood hunger and fullness.  I always felt disconnected from my body.  Well, she said, “You need space”.  This week, go home, and create a space so you can breathe.  That was not the magic plan that I had in mind.  However, I listened and after a few months of this new approach to “diet” treatment and working on mind and body awareness, Vanessa has helped me reconnect with my body.  I now feel hunger and fullness signals. I am not fighting with food. I am unraveling the emotions tied with food and old relationships that I created over time for comfort.  She taught me how to create space for myself, and nurture what I need emotionally separate from food.  She helped me learn to eat mindfully at home without distraction at my sacred table.  She continues to work with me on honing skills regarding appetite. This is different than any diet. In fact it’s not a diet.  It’s living! It’s peaceful living!  Vanessa provides hopeful, mindful, nurturing, one-on-one self-care that connects mind and body with nutrition. She champions my efforts and guides the process.  Vanessa lights the path on this journey of change, and growth as I succeed in reaching goals one step at a time.  I am truly so grateful and have hope for the first time in a long time.
I have been working with Vanessa for about three years now, and she has been an absolutely incredible support person and teacher. She has been the strongest and longest advocate on my eating disorder treatment team, regardless where I was and in what level of care. I came to Vanessa because I was advised to by a therapist. I already had a decent amount of knowledge about food and eating and was unsure how or if she could help me. I can now say that without Vanessa’s help, I don’t honestly think that I would be where I am in my life right now. Working with Vanessa has helped me to realize that there is hope and that it is possible to have a better relationship with food and my body, despite decades of poor body image and unhealthy eating habits. She has helped me to gain insight into my struggles around food and my body, and to utilize the knowledge to work on changing my behavior. Each session we have is a joint effort to ensure I get the most out of our time together, whether that includes time to process, a mindful walk, a snack or meal in the office or out, or some sort of combination of things. Vanessa is easy to talk to, patient, kind, and empathetic, while also straightforward about any concerns she might have. Vanessa has been nothing but a pleasure to work with, and I am forever grateful for her help.
— J
After over 3 decades of living with a chronic eating disorder, I was a bulimic/anorexic woman who had despaired of recovery when I was referred to Vanessa. In and out patient facilities along with a background as an international athlete had furnished me with ample information about nutrition, but no matter what I tried I was unable to break free of the disorder. 

Among the biggest surprises in working with Vanessa was her personalized approach to the “dis-ease” of eating. Gone were the worksheets and formulas. Rather than  spending time weighing and measuring calories, carbs, fats, etc., dividing foods into categories and, in short, obsessing about eating, we talked about what really undergirds the disorder: the emotional triggers. Vanessa’s ability to read her patients allowed her to gauge that, in my case, more nutritional focus was not the right tactic. 

The genuine warmth and humanity that emanates from Vanessa made me feel that, despite my hopelessness, I was part of a team now — a collective that I could literally call upon when things got challenging and to whom I was accountable (a good thing because an eating disorder relishes isolation). Working with Vanessa has helped me to live behavior free. I can honestly say she was enormously instrumental in saving my life.
— H.B

From other Professionals

I am grateful to learn from Vanessa’s depth of experience - for any question I bring forward she offers several angles, concepts or client activities that are perfectly aligned to help my clients progress. She has enhanced my skills, knowledge, confidence and use of resources greatly.
— Sandra Klemmer, MS,RD,LDN,CNSC,RYT
Vanessa is a wonderful mentor with a passion for fostering those newer to the field of nutrition counseling. Her many years of expertise in the area as well as her patient approach make her a wonderful and thoughtful mentor. I could not have asked for a better person to help guide me into the world of private practice and eating disorder nutrition counseling.
— Katrina Schroeder, RD, LDN