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Vanessa Kane-Alves, RDN, LDN
1101 Beacon Street, 4W, Suite 6
Brookline, MA 02446
t: 617.834.2994

1101 Beacon Street Suite 4W
Brookline, MA 02446

This site is a hope-filled guide for you brave souls on your own journey or as a witness to another's journey to eating disorder nutrition recovery and prevention. It is also a place for those of you who are relearning how to care for yourself and/or your family with food to find tools and inspiration to keep going. Vanessa Kane-Alves is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist who provides nutrition counseling services for adults and children with a nutrition related medical or mental health concern. She offers mentoring and teaching to dietitians interested in this practice area of nutrition.


Nutrition & Recovery Sheets

The teeth and gums of individuals in eating disorder recovery often require specific care needs.  Learn a few basic home care strategies to get you started as you are working toward recovery with this guide.

Holidays can be a mixed bag of joys and stressors, especially around food. This sheet provides you with tools for rethinking your holiday traditions and for staying grounded in your recovery work.

Getting sick typically involves having symptoms that mirror eating disorder behaviors. This sheet provides recommendations for how to feed and care for yourself during an illness while protecting your recovery.

Updating your closet with clothes that fit as well as look and feel like you is an ongoing part of recovery. This clothes shopping guide provides steps to help you update your closet as you are learning to accept a well body.

Learn this valuable nutrition recovery skill. The practice of meal support offers tiny bits of data collection about how you feed yourself.

Nutrition and feeding yourself are simply basics of self-care like brushing your teeth. Consider the following 11 tips as a collection of my responses to common nutrition and body concerns.

Ideas for taking your meal support practice and skills to the next level. Learn more about how grounding check-ins and social and physical factors can impact your eating experience.