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Vanessa Kane-Alves, RDN, LDN
1101 Beacon Street, 4W, Suite 6
Brookline, MA 02446
t: 617.834.2994

1101 Beacon Street Suite 4W
Brookline, MA 02446

This site is a hope-filled guide for you brave souls on your own journey or as a witness to another's journey to eating disorder nutrition recovery and prevention. It is also a place for those of you who are relearning how to care for yourself and/or your family with food to find tools and inspiration to keep going. Vanessa Kane-Alves is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist who provides nutrition counseling services for adults and children with a nutrition related medical or mental health concern. She offers mentoring and teaching to dietitians interested in this practice area of nutrition.





Vanessa is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist that practices in Brookline, MA just outside of Boston. She has 18 years of experience providing nutrition counseling services for adults and children with a nutrition related medical or mental health concern. She also provides mentoring and supervision to students and dietitians.


If you want to know more about me

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, I come from a family of crafty entrepreneurs who knew their way around a kitchen. I am a member of two large families where food and the traditions involved were my most positive family experiences and were ways of loving and connecting. My grandparents owned a bakery and my grandmother would often let me help her after school. Our family still makes their famous Cinnamon Raisin Bread during the holidays. Looking back now, my membership in these groups, was also my introductory education to eating and nutrition related health and body issues. Several members of my family were struggling in some way with these issues. I decided to become an RD my senior year in high school at a career fair for health sciences. I thought that this would be a good fit for me as a way to combine something that I loved with a way to help my family and others.

I went to college at Penn State University and there I started working in restaurants learning from chefs both inside and outside of the classroom. (in addition to my fair share of hospital food service time on the tray lines and in the dish room to gain those experiences). It was during this time that I was inspired by the work of an RD instructor and mentor who was a specialist in eating disorders on campus. My formal training started here as a student of hers and as a peer educator on campus for eating disorder awareness and prevention.  The messages of “Loving Your Body” and theatre performances such as “Body Loathing Body Love” really resonated with me as different and important. This was the late 1990’s. I was also introduced to Ellyn Satter as an undergraduate who later became a major inspiration for my work.
During my dietetic internship at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, IL, I was exposed to a wide variety of career possibilities with one of those being business and entrepreneurial nutrition work. My Dad was in business and he would take my brothers and I to motivational business conferences just for fun when we were in high school. I loved it. Think Zig Ziglar and Steven Covey. So, I really enjoyed learning about dietitians being in business and added this onto my internship experience as a specialty rotation.

From there, I began what has turned into a very adventurous career. My education, training and work in the trenches along with who I am as a human progressed to the point where I became a mentor to others and a leader in my field. I went on to develop and lead the training programs, educational tools and standards for those learning to do what I do, to teach college classes on counseling and to author and edit professional publications.

I left my leadership role at Boston Children’s to pursue my MBA and during this pursuit, I decided instead to pursue motherhood. I continued to work a few hours a month as a nutrition education consultant for Boston Childrens’ until 2018. The work there was dedicated to their Leadership in Adolescent Health training program that provides supervision to Registered Dietitians in the clinical settting with families and adolescent in clinical areas such as eating disorders and reproductive health. I live in Boston with my loving husband and fun loving preschooler. I own and operate my private practice part-time in Brookline, MA.

Why the purple beet? My incredibly talented graphic and web designer drew the beautiful illustration. We decided on this for its’ beautiful color purple and its’ alive, rounded, grounded, rooted nature.

What makes me and my nutrition work unique and different? 

-Me as a human. I have walked my own path to surviving trauma and loss. This is not something I typically use in my work; however, I know it is a part of what makes me unique. I think this is more a feeling that you get being in a room with me. I would describe myself as kind, easy to be with, honest, compassionate, inspiring and a real human. I make my share of mistakes along the way. I like to laugh and try to tell jokes. I like to have fun, to be creative, to eat in my sessions. I love to teach and learn. I can be firm and passionate when it means advocating for someone. I can hold a safe and brave space for the hard parts.

-There are gifts from 17 years of working in a room one on one with someone struggling with some aspect of feeding themselves or their families that goes beyond your training. You learn what to do and what not to do to support the human beings you are caring for, not the diagnosis they were referred to you for. You also learn about the shame and stigmatization of body size, trauma and biologically based brain diseases. You learn yourself and so you teach people about the changing nature of our bodies, our food needs, etc. Even the youngest of us needs to learn this. This is one of the hardest parts.

-My philosophy is firmly rooted in Ellyn Satter’s evidence based feeding dynamics and eating competence models as well as the principles of Health At Every Size. The work of Ellyn Satter Institute, has been a guiding source of training and inspiration for me professionally and personally in my own home. My relationship connection with my patients and colleagues is the foundation for all of the work that happens. I incorporate scientific evidence based practice where it exists for nutrition therapy and best practices in the nutrition field where it does not.